Sunday, March 18, 2012

 Happy St Patrick's Day
In honour of St Patrick's day yesterday I did this embroidery. I hope you all had a good one, if you celebrate these days. 
I also found this Celtic Cross  free-standing lace bookmark which I thought was relevant to the day. It is a new file which I thought turned out quite well.
Now I need to sew the first block of my block of the month mentioned in last post. I have cut it out, but as I thought would happen the 2nd month has arrived in the email so it needs to be full steam ahead.
The beginning of the block:
It doesn't look quite right just laid out but once sewn should look ok. At least I feel that I am on the way now.
Bye for now.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

To brighten some dull days.

It has been rather dull of late and  we were at the supermarket and I saw these and decided to treat myself. I only wish you could smell them as well as they truly are lovely. Very reasonably priced as well and will last quite a while. So long as I don't have to have the heater up too high!

Holidays seem a thing of the past now but the memories of  a lovely trip remain. My husband and I went to the West Coast of New Zealand to the White Heron breeding colony. (only nesting place in NZ.) and had a very enjoyable time. The trip really is spectacular and the birds are beautiful to watch and many opportunities to take photos. 

As I haven't been able to stitch lately due to some problems with my arm/neck I really have missed it. I did sign up for a block of the month pattern and collected together the fabrics(mostly from my stash- yay!)
Unfortunately I haven't started last months and any time now I will go to my Inbox and find the new month. As I am feeling better I am going to try and get onto the first month this week so will report back next week.

Enjoy your week.