Sunday, March 4, 2012

To brighten some dull days.

It has been rather dull of late and  we were at the supermarket and I saw these and decided to treat myself. I only wish you could smell them as well as they truly are lovely. Very reasonably priced as well and will last quite a while. So long as I don't have to have the heater up too high!

Holidays seem a thing of the past now but the memories of  a lovely trip remain. My husband and I went to the West Coast of New Zealand to the White Heron breeding colony. (only nesting place in NZ.) and had a very enjoyable time. The trip really is spectacular and the birds are beautiful to watch and many opportunities to take photos. 

As I haven't been able to stitch lately due to some problems with my arm/neck I really have missed it. I did sign up for a block of the month pattern and collected together the fabrics(mostly from my stash- yay!)
Unfortunately I haven't started last months and any time now I will go to my Inbox and find the new month. As I am feeling better I am going to try and get onto the first month this week so will report back next week.

Enjoy your week.


  1. great photos of the herron especially the one in flight...lovely brighten the dull days we are having...hope you feel up to doing some stitching...