Thursday, January 24, 2013

Julie's quilt

A few years ago my daughter went to America to be an au paire for a family. During that time she started a patchwork quilt and set about basing it on Jan Mullen's Making Roman Stripez  like mine. This is found in her book Cut loose quilts.

Towards the end of last year she brought it home and asked me to finish it for her. I put a navy narrow border on and then made more blocks for the outer border. I then quilted it and bound it. She was thrilled when I turned up with it finished for Christmas. What are Mum's for?

The individual fabrics she had chosen were very nice and worked well together. It is just the right weight for this time of year where she lives so is sleeping with it every night. I think it will be well loved and used.

Bye for now,

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New year to one and all. My intentions over the holidays have all come to nought with a series of events which have prevented me from sewing or posting on my  blog.  I have enjoyed reading some of your blogs and getting inspired by what you have been up to.

A highlight was going to Milford Sound in New Zealand's South island on a glorious day. On the way  home we passed through a valley with Lupins as far as the eye could see of all shades of pinks and purples. The scent was amazing. I could have stayed amongst them far longer but work called my husband on.

Juts a small selection and it doesn't do them justice. They lined the banks of this river and you can just make them out in this shot if you look hard.

A lovely trip that now seems so long ago.

Next post I will put up a photo of my daughters quilt that I finished and quilted for her.

Bye for now,