Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New year to one and all. My intentions over the holidays have all come to nought with a series of events which have prevented me from sewing or posting on my  blog.  I have enjoyed reading some of your blogs and getting inspired by what you have been up to.

A highlight was going to Milford Sound in New Zealand's South island on a glorious day. On the way  home we passed through a valley with Lupins as far as the eye could see of all shades of pinks and purples. The scent was amazing. I could have stayed amongst them far longer but work called my husband on.

Juts a small selection and it doesn't do them justice. They lined the banks of this river and you can just make them out in this shot if you look hard.

A lovely trip that now seems so long ago.

Next post I will put up a photo of my daughters quilt that I finished and quilted for her.

Bye for now,


  1. beautiful pics Sue and cant wait to see a pic of the quilt.xx

  2. Hello Sue
    I'm a kiwi too and visiting for the first time.
    LOve your blog and especially these photos of the lupins in the South Island - they are quite magnificent growing in their natural state in the wild.

    I'm about to start my quilting journey steps first.
    Shane ♥

  3. Thanks, Shane. It is certainly a beautiful part of the country at that time of the year. Good luck with your quilting journey. I had a quick peak at your blog and it looks great!