Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday Night Sew in

I enjoyed my evening with FNSI (Friday night sew in) with Heidi and last night I made a sewing companion using this pattern I  found on the Internet.
This is my one:

I think they must have made their needle case a little smaller as it goes down lower into the companion in the picture.
I used a snap instead of the button and tassel (as I didn't have one) . 
This is the website I got it from.

I also did some more basting of Hexigons and started making a flower. Not enough to show it yet.
I'm looking forward to seeing what others did.


  1. It's lovely,I like the nice bright colour you've used.
    Laura x

  2. Thank you for the looks like a very handy addition to a sewing kit

  3. very good Sue,love the fabric.xx