Saturday, June 9, 2012

From Mum and Nana with love.

Daughters 21st quilt.

When my mother died I found a pile of hand embroidered squares with some fabric that was intended to make a quilt for my daughter. When Julie's 21st came around I decided to complete it and give it to her as a combined effort from Mum and Nana. I substituted one of the fabrics (the green tone on tone ) to make it less little girly and changed the pattern to a double Irish chain. It was a big job and a fairly emotional one by the end. I know my Mum would have been thrilled to see it and Julie was delighted to have it.  


  1. How beautiful. I'm sure your daughter will cherish it.

  2. Thanks, Teresa. She certainly does cherish it and knew nothing about it beforehand so got quite a surprise and was very overcome.

  3. Wow, was für ein wunderschöner Quillt.
    Liebe Grüße Grit from Germany

  4. How lovely,a real treasure made my mum and nana.

  5. Sue what a wonderful thing to do and it looks fantastic,well done.xx